5 Reasons for Buying Tickets to the Metropolitan Opera

Not many are in favor of the opera these days. Even those who talk about culture and read classics see an opera as something meant for the oldies. However, this is far from the truth. You must certainly buy tickets to the Metropolitan Opera to witness its grandeur. It is, perhaps, the most elegant of all venues with all the glitz and glamour.

The greatest bonus is that you get the opportunity to witness the most incredible performances. Even the music is absolutely splendid. Still wondering whether to buy the tickets to the Metropolitan Opera or not? Well, let’s make it easier for you to decide. Here are some of the best reasons for buying the tickets to this opera:

1. It can be made affordable

Surprised? Well, you must’ve thought that the tickets to the Metropolitan Opera would surely empty your wallet. It can, in a way, but not if you book ahead of time. Seats in the upper balcony can be cost-effective. If you want to reduce the cost of tickets even further, opt for the standing room. Just make sure that you book your tickets well in advance before the rates go up.

2. You’ll have something to brag about

Some of your friends might be real art and culture freaks. Just ask them whether they’ve been to an opera. If they haven’t, then you can impress them by going to the opera and bragging about it. Opera is not something that most of the millennials would be excited about. Now, if you’re a millennial and you went to an opera, you can be an inspiration for them. It’s possible that you’ll have some company next time.

3. There’s something for everyone at the Met

If you’re into some epic dramas such as Casablanca and Fatal Attraction, you must see Carmen. For those who are hopeless romantics, Romeo et Juliette would be a delight to watch. Il Barbiere Di Siviglia is a comedic opera for someone who’s craving for a lighter treat. The best part of Il Barbiere Di Siviglia is that it has a happy ending.

Each season, there are 26 operas that the Met puts on. They range from comedy to tragic love stories. Every season includes over 200 performances. This gives you many options to take some time out from your busy schedules.

4. Don’t know Spanish, French, or Italian? No problem!

Just listen to the music. You don’t need to master these languages to enjoy the performance. If you still want to know what’s going on, the Met has a brilliant solution. Every seat has a small screen on it with live translation of the performance. This will allow you to understand what the performers are saying.

5. Not all operas have a longer duration

If you’re thinking that you’ll be stuck in the theater for long, choose a shorter opera. Well, there’s no denying that some operas have a longer duration than musicals and plays. What you must know is that they also typically have an intermission. Some might even have two intermissions.

There are operas that are much shorter than the Lord of the Rings movies with regards to duration. For example, Der Fliegende Hollander has a duration of a little more than 2 hours.

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